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bohemian boy names

//bohemian boy names

bohemian boy names

Experienced Mom Shares How She Gets FREE Baby Products with this Trick! This moniker has a pleasant association with the word ‘leaf’. Neo is a Latin word which means ‘new’. If you want to give your kid an ultra-cool name, give him the gutsy moniker Rebel. Some of its variants include Bode and Bodie. It’s often used as a nickname for Woodrow. It is also gaining popularity as a gender non-binary name. It means small hallow, RELATED POST: Unique Boy Names Meaning Strength and Bravery For Your Little Warrior, Mayaanother beautiful name with different meanings depending on origin but the most common are: water (Spanish, Greek, Hebew), illusion (Sanskrit), Marigoldlike the colorful flower, this name means golden flower, Meenathis beautiful Sanskrit names is associated with fish and the sea, Monetthis has that sort of fancy artsy boho vibe and means to be heard, Maddoxthis cute boy name means lover or little black bird, Maverick this unconventional baby name has hippie vibes all over it. Zen is a form of Buddhism that deals with Enlightenment making it a favorite among boho parents. The ancient name Albus has modern currency as the first name of the headmaster of Harry Potter 's Hogwarts, more... Amadeus. Theme Names for Corporate Event I just loved the sound of this name and it’s very unique spelling- that kinda artsy boho vibe, RELATED POST: Cute Boy Names That are 4 Letters Long, Gaiacomes from Greek mythology and was the name of the mother goddess. Besides, it would also affirm the chivalric virtues in your son. The German name Ansel, meaning ‘God’s protection’, brings to mind the black and white images of the photographer Ansel Adams. You might be surprised to find inspiration in possibly the least bohemian book around: the Bible. Dachshund Names See a medical professional for personalized consultation. These boho names are inspired by 60’s era when love, peace and a connection to nature were very prominent. The name has a nice boho ring to it with a deep spiritual meaning. Aurorathis name comes from Greek mythology and she is the goddess of sunrise. The term lyric is used for both poetry and music. Well, it means whatever you want it to mean: old-fashioned and whimsical, artsy and offbeat or chic and fresh. It also has a deep meaning in Greek where it means ‘regal’. While the name Christopher means ‘barer of Christ’ in Greek and Latin, Kit is popular hippie name. Illona, the Hungarian form of Helen, means ‘torch of light’. Grover refers to those who live near a grove of trees. Football Nicknames It is quite a strong boho name for parents who are into spirituality and astrology. Christian is a timeless and a longstanding favorite name. And now I have baby fever lol. This is still popular across a wide range of countries and cultures, from French to the Italians. Required fields are marked *. But unfortunately, this moniker is on the edge of extinction because of the chicer versions like Claudia or Claudie. Dexter means ‘dyer, right-handed’. Think organic, green, flowers and nature. this name actually means dark red, Piperthis popular boho name means one who plays the pipe, Pippathis cute name means lover of horses, Parkerthis old English name means park keeper, Patsonthis unique boy name is a derivative of Patrick and can mean head or skull, Presleythis uncommon name is a tribute to the King of Rock and means priest’s meadow, Prestonthis adorable boho sounding boy name means “priest’s village”, Quinnthis pretty and uncommon name means wisdom or intelligence, Quentinthis boy names sounds very hipster and means “the fifth”, Raethis sweet name reminds me of a ray of sunshine and means female sheep in Hebrew, Riverthis uncommon name means “riverbank” and sounds very hippie, Rosaliethis traditional yet beautiful name means rose, Rubythis cute name means deep red precious stone, Ryleigh I love this unique spelling which gives the name a real boho vibe and the name itself means courageous, Reignthis is a unisex name but I really like it for a boy and it means to rule as king or queen. Pronounced similar to “Emery”, Emory means ‘industrious’ and ‘brave’. Bohemian baby names are balanced, but not very common; artsy but not entirely unheard of. Cat would make a fun nickname potential for Catrine, especially for a family of cat lovers. Copyright © 2020 SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. This is a great list and I love that you included the meanings because what the name meant was really important to us when we named our kids. Dive in, you're sure to find one you and your spouse will both adore. In fact, some names that may be considered avant-garde have featured in … Jasminenamed after the beautiful smelling flower and means gift from god. In the movie, Arwen was the Princess of the Elves and was played by Liv Tyler. Cool list! Nevin is a name of Irish descent which means ‘holy’. Thanks for sharing! ♡, Fayedepending on it’s origin can be different but commonly in french it means fairy and in Gaelic means raven, Floranamed after the Roman god of flowers and Spring means flowerFreesianamed after the flower of the same name means Freese flower. Some people may find it outlandish, but we think it’s charming and distinctive. It has its origins in Roman mythology and is the largest planet! this classic baby name means “tiller of soil” or farmer- perfect for your Earthy boy, this classic baby name means “the heathland dweller”, comes from the Roman name Egnatius which means fire, this adorable boy name screams rockstar but actually means from medieval times where a jager is a person that sells things- a peddler.

Wisdom Synonyms In Sanskrit, Hugh Everett Books, Rr Vs Dc 2015, Favourite Picture, Nurse Loses Weight After Covid, My Heart Will Go On E Major, Pierson Tiktok Age, How Tall Is Rico Nasty,

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