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Rear Toe: 0.20, Suspension für mit, F1 2020: Setups für alle Strecken im F1-Rennkalender, Australien (Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit), Japan (Suzuka International Racing Course). Font Suspension: 5 Rear Suspension: 4 A series of long, sweeping corners characterise Interlagos, with a fairly long pit straight giving an opportunity to overtake. Front Ride Height: 4 Rear Right Pressure: 19.5psi Each map is going to require some level of changes in your car for you to be able to achieve the best performance. Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 5 Front Ride Height: 2 hide. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Running low tyre pressures deals with the overheating problem nicely. The track itself is an interesting one. Differential Adjustment Off Throttle: 50% We’ve jotted down a few optimal setups for each map, that prove to give the best time for that specific map. Front Brake Bias: 52%, Tyres Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 8 Front Toe: 0.06 Front Left Tyre Pressure: 23.8psi Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.5psi, Controller Type:  fanatec f1 Wheel, PS4. Rear Right Pressure: 19.5psi Try our car setups designed for specific track conditions, weather, car, qualify or race. Front Camber: -2.70 Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 65%, Suspension Geometry With the right setup, your car will flow beautifully from corner to corner, almost on its own! Front Wing Aero: 4 Font Suspension: 2 Veterans of the series understand how important each and every setting of their car is. How To Setup Fanatec Wheels - Xbox, PS4 & PC. Rear Camber: -1.00 F1 2020 Game Performance Update LIVE: Patch Notes, Rebalance, AI, Liveries, Bugs & more, F1 Esports: Codemasters should make 35% races available to everyone. Keeping the toe low to balanced will give good stability throughout the lap, and will help maximise your top speed down the long pit straight, and into the main overtaking zone at turn 1. Front Anti-Roll Bar: 3 By Being quick around Brazil is all about consistency. Brake Pressure: 96% Font Suspension: 3 Rear Wing Aero: 6, Transmission Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 50% James. 31: 5: AlphaTauri. Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 8 Rear Camber: -1.20 Wet Weather Adjustments Rear Ride Height: 3, Brakes This is the most vital part of becoming the best in F1 2020. Rear Wing Aero: 6, Transmission Carrying additional speed will push your car out wide, either making contact with the other driver or forcing them off track. Rear Toe: 0.32, Suspension Front Camber: -2.60 F1 2020 derives its greatness from extreme attention to detail. Front Right Tyre Pressure: 22.6psi Front Right Tyre Pressure: 21.0psi Pokemon Sword and Shield The Legendary Giants Walkthrough, How to Catch Cosmog in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats, How to Catch Terrakion in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats, Pokemon Sword and Shield Ultra Beasts Guide. Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 20.3psi, Aerodynamics Front Left Tyre Pressure: 21.8psi For the anti-roll bars, a conventional setup of 3-9 balances the car nicely, and prevents mid-corner roll from becoming an issue. However the opposite is actually true. Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 19.5psi, Aerodynamics Rear Suspension: 3 For your toe settings, 0.05 and 0.20 are the best way to go. READ MORE: 5 unlikely overtaking spots in F1 2019 We have gone with a 3-6setting as it keeps the straight-line drag down while maintaining rear stability for the famous Senna Esses and the curved acceleration zones of the middle sector. Front Toe: 0..05 Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, Serious Sam 4 Review – If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review: New Life To An Unseen Gem, Dirt 5 Designer Confirms How DualSense Features Simulate Real-World Racing, Haven Does 4K/60FPS On PS5, Uses DualSense For “Rich” Immersion, Moonray Dev On Power Difference Between PS5 & Xbox Series X, 4K/60FPS, More. Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.5psi, Aerodynamics Rear Toe: 0.23, Suspension F1 2020 von Codemasters macht einiges anders als sein direkter Vorgänger. Interlagos is unusual in that it is a front-right tyre limited circuit. Use this setup to master rainy conditions in Brazil. Highest rated first. Font Suspension: 2 Home » Setups » F1 2020 Setups » Brazilian Setups F1 2020. Sign up for a new account in our community. Whether you’re looking to re-enact your favourite world champion’s title deciding heroics or simply going for a fun drive between the lakes, this setup will work for you. Not responsive enough? Front Brake Bias: 52%, Tyres Yes, you need a good amount of downforce at the rear of the car, but because there aren’t too many tight corner entries, we can leave the front downforce quite low for this Brazilian setup. Rear Wing Aero: 6, Transmission © 2020 Gfinity. Suspension Geometry  best. Rear Right Pressure: 21.5psi Try it and rate car setup! their respective owners. Join our community, sign up and publish your setups. Rear Wing Aero: 6, Transmission 10: 9: McLaren. Front Toe: 0.09 F1 2020 Brazil Hotlap+Setup using a Controller. Rear Suspension: 4 Increased load and greater tyre temperature will cause your tyres to lose traction faster, and thus degrade. Front Toe: 0.06 These are the two heaviest braking points around the circuit, but they don’t feature a regular apex as both turn 1 and turn 4 allow you to carry speed through the corner. Front Camber: -2.60 Front Left Tyre Pressure: 21.8psi This can be fixed to some extent by reducing Brake Pressure. Try adjusting the following settings. Posted by 4 days ago. Please feel free to discuss the above setups, suggest tweaks and let everyone know which setup is your favourite. Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 50% Front Left Tyre Pressure: 21.0psi Front Wing Aero: 2 Front Wing Aero: 4 Front Toe: 0.06 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 5 The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, better known as Interlagos, has been the site of the Brazilian Grand Prix every year since 1990. this will give the best acceleration out of each corner. Your email address will not be published. Powered by Invision Community, 1:07.600 (wasn‘t a good lap… still some time to be found). report. Suspension Geometry  Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 50% Front Left Tyre Pressure: 22.6psi Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 70% I’ve found that 3-6 works really nicely around here. Increased Ride Height will lower straight-line speed, increasing downforce. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. How To Best Drive The Brazil Grand Prix Circuit in F1 2020. F1, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing B.V.. If you feel that you can handle it, lowering your ride height may yield a bit of lap time. Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 50% Front Right Tyre Pressure: 22.2psi Front Camber: -2.50 Front Right Tyre Pressure: 22.6psi We would recommend decreasing your tyre pressures for a perfect Brazil setup in F1 2020. 100% Upvoted. Front Brake Bias: 52%, Tyres Being quick around Brazil is all about consistency. Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 19.9psi, Aerodynamics Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 65% Having this higher brake pressure will decrease your braking distance, allowing you to attack cars in front and move through the field. 14: 8: Racing Point. Rear Right Pressure: 20.3psi Rear Toe: 0.26, Suspension So stellt ihr euer Auto bei trockenen und nassen Bedingungen ein. I’ve gone for 21.8psi on the front right and 22.2psi on the front left. Points; 1: Alfa Romeo. Because of this, our setup recommendation for Brazil is to increase your on-throttle differential. Front Wing Aero: 4 Wenn ihr Schwierigkeiten habt, das passende Setup zu finden, kopiert einfach die Einstellungen der besten Fahrer. The best car setups for Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. Rear Right Pressure: 20.3psi Running a dry setup in wet weather is going to drastically affect your performance. Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 60% Front Anti-Roll Bar: 6 A higher value of aero angle will give you an increased downforce, and a decrease in straight-line speed. Rear Suspension: 2 Most Popular Product Guides. All F1, Formula 1, FIA & FIA Formula One World Championship logos are trademarks of Formula One Licensing B.V. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you are struggling with turn in through some of the corners due to the low front aerodynamic setup, you can set your rear ride height higher than your front. Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7 Rear Suspension: 6 Font Suspension: 2 Front Ride Height: 2 Setups are sorted by rating. When it comes to the ride height, I’ve opted for a slightly cautions approach. Here's a setup to help you end your season in style. Front Toe: 0..09 However, a totally soft suspension will have you failing to get the nose of the car turned in for most of the corners. Your setups aren’t going to be universal and applicable to all tracks, and thus you’re going to have to adjust accordingly. Rear Camber: -1.40 Font Suspension: 3 Rear Toe: 0.23, Suspension By James, July 1 in Brazilian Grand Prix . Front Toe: 0.05 Our F1 2020 Brazil setup starts with the aerodynamics, which we surprisingly set quite low for such a low to medium speed track. Rear Toe: 0.20, Suspension Rear Toe: 0.35, Suspension F1 2020 Force Feedback Settings Explained. In this guide, we’ll be discussing F1 2020 Car Setups in various track conditions, to help you improve your overall score on different tracks. Front Anti-Roll Bar: 5 Oversteering Brake Pressure: 90% This prevents you from being able to brake too late, as you will simply miss the apex and compromise your lap time. Font Suspension: 1 An on-throttle setting of 50% is optimal here, as it is almost everywhere else. 18: 7: Williams. You won’t get the setup for your car correctly the first time; everything needs to be adjusted by understanding what isn’t working.

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