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confederate soldier letter to grant

//confederate soldier letter to grant

confederate soldier letter to grant

Note that all emphasis—the italicized portion of the excerpts—is original to Nugent’s letters. Yes, his oft-quoted August 1861 letter was filled with Southern bravado. By the next year, he had buried his wife and seen her family lands foreclosed on. It was only a matter of time before Grant, with 70,000 troops, captured Vicksburg. Our peculiar institution places us in antagonism to the educated sentiments of the civilized world and we can expect no favors. Our people have no money and no exchangeable commodity; and must be the recipients along of bounties if they consume Western produce. There are a great many wise men in the world, but I have discovered that ordinary men are always called upon when any particular service is needed. Mississippi attorney William Nugent is remembered as a brazen Southern radical thanks to one oft-quoted remark. The enemy cannot move without railroads & steamboats & we have learned to do so. Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant; heiress apparent to the Belgian throne. if(document.querySelector("#ads")){ While Grant turned up in a muddy uniform, Lee had his sash and sword intact. A check to an invading army is tantamount to defeat….I feel very very hopeful now. Many residents moved to tunnels dug from the hillsides to escape the constant bombardments. It was signed as "Very respectfully, your obedient servant. While Lee graduated second in his class at West Point and was known as the “Marble Model” at the military academy, Grant was an average student with brilliant horseman skills. My darling Nellie…Since the fall of Vicksburg I have reflected a great deal, and am now satisfied that the  calamity will result in ultimate good & force us to the adoption of some more decided plans of action….The science of war is the science of numbers, and…we must rely upon our cavalry to protect our rear & keep down raids. Our Regiment has nearly all gone to Vicksburg; four companies remain here waiting for some kind of arms to fight with. The fertile valley of the Mississippi has been desolated and the millions of dollars once realized by Western men thru’ trade along the banks of our mighty River will be entirely lost. Pemberton retreated back to Vicksburg, and Grant sealed the city by the end of May. } Susannah Ural is the Blount Professor in Military  History at the University of Southern Mississippi. The Rebels are our countrymen again.”, Lee, had in a farewell message to his troops, explained his decision to surrender. We have all been compelled to come down to shotguns, it being impossible to get pistols; and were compelled to go off with guns badly in need of repairs. The war must be ended soon…. This will bring about some dire results & may provoke the abolitionists to a ferocity unparalleled. … William Nugent said goodbye to his bride and hurried off to his duties as an inspector general, responsible for organizing Mississippi’s defenses. document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ Despite the war’s tragic toll, William’s steady optimism carried him through the challenges of Reconstruction. I've never heard of any other cause than slavery." Horror of horrors is not a term expressive enough for war. ga('ads.send', { We are now driven to fight  to the bitter end, if conquest itself be the result…. would recognize his nephew and give us peace. Correspondents in the latter group include Rufus King and Ulysses S. Grant. My own dear wife…Recently after the fall of V.Burg I entertained the most gloomy forebodings of the future; and indeed the great demoralization produced in our army thereby added to the submissive spirit of the people generally, was enough to make one dispirited. },false) If successful at all, it must result from our own persistent efforts with[out] an extraneous aid whatever. Anne Tyler, novelist (The Accidental Tourist, Ladder of Years). }); contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines. In 1864, Lee penned a letter to Grant, writing, "General: In my proposition of the 1st instant to exchange the prisoners of war belonging to the armies operating in Virginia I intended to include all captured soldiers of the United States of whatever nation and color under my control. The Vicksburg campaign was one of the Union’s most successful of the war. The declaration came 442 days after the first volleys of the American Revolution were more. }); Henry Steele Commager, American historian who wrote the fifty-five volume Rise of the American Nation. Saml. But it reflected a momentary high for a generally sober and deeply reflective man who has been largely misunderstood by the general public. After surrendering with General Richard Taylor’s army in May 1865, Nugent returned to Greenville to find the town and  Oakwood plantation destroyed and both his Nellies working in the fields. This we can do if we only place active energetic officers in charge of this army….We must awake to the  realities that are pressing upon us. ga('ads.send', { My darling wife…I find everything here in abundance,  and really think it criminal that the tremendous surplus of corn &c. has not been removed before. Title: Lincoln Grant Letters of Illinois Civil War Soldiers Created Date: 1/20/2011 6:46:57 AM Stonewall Jackson is driving the enemy before him into Maryland; and the Yankees are checked at Vicksburg. The Yankees fondly imagine that we will be whipped as they get control of the Father of Waters. if(document.querySelector("#google_image_div")){ eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), My humble conviction is that we have not yet seen the beginning of the end of this war. Admiral David Porter had run his flotilla past the Vicksburg defenses in early May as Grant marched his army down the west bank of the river opposite Vicksburg, crossed back to Mississippi, and drove toward Jackson. And our men, too, must learn that battles are won oftener with a solder’s legs than his gun. This is done, I suppose, for the purpose of exchanging them for our Southern men who have been forced to take the Lincoln oath, and is a very felicitous idea. I would prefer to see you all removed beyond their reach. She served as an advocate for the civil rights of women and minorities in the Roosevelt and Kennedy administrations. One thing is sure the River must be surrendered to the Yankees and our country now belongs to them by right of conquest. VOLUNTEERS, CAMP VAIDEN, November 24, 1862. Lincoln demands that we treat the negro soldier upon an equality with our whites & threatens retaliation if we do not. Nugent’s letters end in January 1865, while he was still hoping for Confederate victory. Grant’s meteoric rise is one of the unlikeliest stories in American history. If not, when things quiet down along the River she may move to the plantation. On the morning of April 9, while General Robert E . eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), ga('ads.send', { ….I own no slaves and can freely express my notions, without being taxed with any motive of self interest. We are evidently in the midst of stirring times with the prospect of a long & bloody war ahead. The news now is that Gen. Lee  is within ten miles of Harrisburg, the Capital of Pennsylvania, driving everything before him and making every Dutchman, woman & child take the oath of allegiance to the Southern Confederacy. Attempts to rescue Pemberton and his force failed from both the east and west, and conditions for both military personnel and civilians deteriorated rapidly. eventAction: 'click_image_ads' The west will soon discover that the trade upon which they heretofore throve has been ruined and that there are few or no customers for redundant supplies. Genl. The North seems to be as united as we; and the struggle, unless we defeat the enemy at the Virginia battleground will be almost interminable….It will take two or three decided victories to put us in an attitude to demand recognition abroad, and we need expect no assistance outside ourselves for sometime. Already,  I am told, there are symptoms of disaffection existing among them; and if suffered to ferment in the minds of the Western troops for any length of time, they will produce a surrender of the whole army to Genl. The more. Georges Bizet, composer, best known for his opera Carmen. ga('ads.send', { This will afford us an opportunity to reorganize and rediscipline our army and to call out our reserve: thus bringing us somewhat upon an equality with General Grant, whom, I hope we may hereafter successfully encounter. The feeling for secession is, I think growing in the border states, and they will soon be with us. reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. hitType: 'event', window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) { This sad catastrophe will have the effect to paralyze our army, and if Grant follows up his success vigorously there is no telling what the result will be. I go at it just as I used to go at lawsuits. The enemy have, however, ceased pursuing Johnston and have withdrawn their army to the hills of Warren to recruit. Nugent remained hopeful throughout 1863. Many people perceive the monuments as racist because they honor the Confederate soldiers who fought to preserve slavery. If this happens, the Federal Army, being without transportation, is bound to fall back; and my opinion is, when commenced it will be a second retreat from Moscow…. Genl. My Darling, cherished wife…broken & burnt fences, pillaged houses & untilled fields remind us of the presence  of war in our midst; a war so devastating & dreadful. The R.Road is carrying it off every day in large quantities, but the Quarter Masters are dillydallying about Sacks. hitType: 'event', When you can remove with safety to yourself you had all better go to Texas where Brother Perry will give you a home & living is cheap. HEADQUARTERS, 28th REGT., MISS. }); ga('create', 'UA-67136960-15', 'auto', 'ads'); I don’t think Grant will get more than 1/2 of his men back north from around Vicksburg, and what he does take away will be worthless as soldiers. He left school at the age of 14 to become a journeyman printer and later worked as a teacher, journalist, more, On July 4, 1911, record temperatures are set in the northeastern United States as a deadly heat wave hits the area that would go on to kill 380 people. The Tennessee River is falling rapidly and the Gunboats and Transports must soon be compelled to land.

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