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disney easter eggs

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disney easter eggs

One day you’re overthrowing the king, the next day you’re a throw rug. In every Pixar movie, "A113" is showcased, which represents the room number of the graphic design studio that many Pixar animators studied in. We *definitely* missed most of these hidden moments. It is a flipped image of the background shown of Motunui at sunset while Moana and her grandma walk down the beach — and even includes their footprints. It's very dark, but if you check out her stores as she's packing her boat, you can find an oddly shaped carrot and a stick that looks like a hand — the ingredients for an Olaf if we ever saw them. The Black Cauldron This is definitely a Disney Easter egg that will ruin our childhood since we truly had no clue. It's been reported that, when Mulan walks among the tombs during "My Reflection," the names on the gravestones are the names of the movie's animators. Zootopia is positively packed with Easter eggs, but this one gets a special mention due to the previous work of the film's directors, being the same team behind Frozen. Since Treasure Planet takes place in a futuristic/sci-fi version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, it makes sense for a certain intergalactic troublemaker to exist in the same universe. Before the days of VHS, if an animator slipped something into the background of a film, it really was an in-joke that quite possibly very few people could ever find out about. Now, there are streaming services, there are screen-shots, and there’s the whole internet that can help a fan get the word out about a clever hidden joke — so filmmakers have to bring their Easter-egg game to the next level. According to, people wonder if Aladdin is saying, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes.". In Zootopia, you can clearly see two sibling elephants in Tundra Town who are dressed as Elsa and … Disney Easter Eggs Top Selected Products and Reviews Disney Stitch Easter Edition Medium Soft Toy 28cm - Lilo and Stitch by Disney Only 1 left in stock. Once Upon A Snowman is an adventurous and warmhearted origin story for a character who is likewise adventurous and warmhearted. Disney movies are chock-full of Easter eggs. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! RELATED: 20+ Best Kids' Movies 2020 Has in Store for Families. It’s funny to think about the history of hiding Easter eggs in animated movies. Frollo has his face in Esmeralda's hair. Frozen Here it is in their most recent film, Want to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts? But when the Genie goes through a menu of royal options for Aladdin's new princely persona, he gets pinched by a crab — namely, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. In this scene from Peter Pan, you can definitely see something inappropriate in the shadow on the wall. Ralph Breaks the Internet is full of overt Disney in-jokes, from the Stormtroopers that chase our heroes to a scene of all the famous Disney princesses in their cozy clothes. It's the beginning of Chicken Little, a clear nod to Lion King fans. Though it's hard to make out at first, the man on the poster is unmistakably the prince of the Southern Isles. Marisa LaScala covers all things parenting, from the postpartum period through empty nests, for; she previously wrote about motherhood for Parents and Working Mother. Tell us in the comments! Some of them are as blatantly obvious as a neon Hidden Mickey, but there are more than a few that casually slip under the radar. Rapunzel rolls herself inside her hair down a hill in front of a tree. Rex, the somewhat cowardly dinosaur introduced in “Toy Story” in … Sure, Disney likes their Easter eggs, but Pixar really, really gets into planting eggs for fans to find. If we grew up loving this movie, chances are we're feeling pretty strange about this. Bogo might seem a bit of a workaholic police chief, but it would appear he's not above taking a trip to the shining neon city of San Fransokyo. These Disney Easter eggs — which span nearly four decades — run the gamut. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. And in every single Pixar movie, the Pizza Planet truck is visible in at least one scene. While Dodger is asking “Why Should I Worry,” we’re wondering why Pongo’s in NYC. We pored through our favorite Disney animated classics to bring you these Easter eggs—some well-known, and some that blew our minds: Hercules "Hey, if you are a Disney fan, or if you just enjoy Easter eggs or conspiracy theories, I recommend you keep watching," the user explained in the video. The 2002 poster for The Lion King shows quite a lot... and we bet that wasn't really the intention. what?! Watching them over and over inevitably means we start noticing the clever little references and inside jokes that Disney animators hide for us eagle-eyed fans to find. Cinderella has adorable birds and tiny mice, and we would think that there were no Easter eggs hidden in this movie that would totally ruin our childhoods. And we thought that Jasmine had pretty long hair. The bordered red-gingham blanket appears identical to the one that Olaf sees in the stereoscope, though it also features baskets of food and is surrounded by flowers and ferns rather than pumpkins. At the film's climax, you can glimpse one incongruous gargoyle on the cathedral's ledge — a warthog that looks like Pumbaa from The Lion King. Talk about something that would ruin our childhoods. There are some that are delivered with a wink, as if the animators expected fans to notice and be delighted by them right away. Basically, animators love hiding the classic Mickey head shape (a silhouette comprised of three circles) into movies, TV shows, even the rides at Disney World. The Pizza Planet truck featured in “Toy Story” has appeared in every single Pixar movie since, for example. RELATED: 40+ Pixar Easter Eggs That Probably Went Straight Over Your Head. The train and tracks were removed, but the waterfall was used in Once Upon A Snowman. Obsessed with travel? How many of these Disney Easter eggs did you know about before the age of VHS, before the dawn of the internet, or before Disney+? You can see him at the end of The Lion King, when Scar explains to an adult Simba that the hyenas consider his uncle to be their rightful king.

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