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graham hancock debate

Graham Hancock has made a profession out of forming uneducated opinions on scientific claims. A collision with such a large cometary fragment would, at the very least, mean the end of civilization as we know it, and perhaps even the end of all human life on this planet. People like Carl Sagan and James Randi started taking people to task in the 1970s for making outrageous and unfounded claims (e.g., Erich von Däniken and his alien visitation scenario) which eventually led to the formation of skeptic societies. Must I never stray from the line I took in a 1995 book? Sitemap and site privacy policy. […] and a critique of Graham’s book I wrote for Skeptic magazine along with further details on my website, I found myself dealing with the veracity of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis (YDIH). His claims that there were technologically advanced ancient civilizations in the Americas and Mediterranean which were wiped out by a comet or meteor strike and massive floods do not seem to be backed by hard scientific evidence. The original article had many editorial changes but due to copyright precedence by Skeptic I only showed the original article submitted. Of all the workshops, panels, seminars and impromptu interviews with the cutting edge minds at Contact in the Desert 2016, one event featuring both Graham Hancock and Erich von Daniken was fit for the history books. Hancock states that Gamara may be correct in his contention that the rocks were lighter in the past because the orbit of the earth around the sun may have been 225 days (or 260 days). I readily agreed to remove the article. How could Gamarra be right? Hancock and Carlson’s lack of authenticity and factual support leave the viewer questioning more. If I did so would that be ‘scientific’?”  Of course his views are allowed to change. Shermer more or less blew it. If you are not willing to do that, you are NOT permitted to use my work. But alas, the argument is not specifically about the hunter gatherers on Easter Island. GrahamHancock.com is a participant in the Amazon … by Graham Hancock, Eater of Souls I deeply support Hancock’s right to his opinion, but as scientists, I believe we have a duty to dispute fantasy that masquerades as scientific inquiry — for example, von Däniken’s books. All in all, it is a crime to rob people of an updated unskewed view of reality. AoM for Oct 2020, See the Jared Diamond, in his book Collapse[2], proposed that the Rapa Nui hunter gatherers committed ecocide which led to the destruction of the island’s lush ecosystem and forced the Rapa Nui founders’ descendents to depend on a meager agriculture. Not so! Reading Marc Defant’s review of Hancock and the podcast episode provided peer-reviewed scientific data refuting Hancock’s conspiracies. No explanation has ever been given as to how these Magicians got to Easter Island or why but Hancock believes they were required to help the native population to construct the moai. In response to this early version of the article, Hancock posted the following comment in his defense on his Facebook page: “Are my views not allowed to evolve, then, or react to new information? Re: Canadian Firehall Gishing and Trolling, I've never slid down a Canadian Fire pole, Re: I've never slid down a Canadian Fire pole. I believe the misunderstanding of the basic laws of gravity is important – it makes him suspect on other grandiose contentions he makes concerning science. v In a twenty-first-century spin on Sauer’s reasoning, Hayden highlights the “unusual efforts” expended … The goal is not to personally attack anyone but to demonstrate how faulty some of the more fantastic claims are. That is not true. I have attempted to see if the statement could be read any differently (he skated around the issue in the debate), but I fail to understand how. After Angland gives a painful “fugue state” response as to why the date must be correct Venkman quips: “For your sake, I hope you’re right.”  My advice to Hancock — pick an end of the world date that does not occur in your lifetime! Not a single professional archaeologist working on Easter Island has ever suggested a requisite advanced civilization. Pseudoscience is a kind of charlatanism that preys on the misinformed and the ignorant, and it hurts the credibility of true scientists by promoting false or misleading opinions about human history, the natural world and its phenomena. I fully agree with your criticism of Hancock and to be honest a lot of writers, not all, are now taking on a style of writing that is claiming to be Factual at its forefront but is filled with very opinionated and biased evidence making it Fictional. Why should we call upon the involvement of advanced civilizations? But Hancock again deflected, surprised that I would suggest that hunter gatherers lived on Easter Island: “What’s there to hunt and gather on a tiny island – have you been to Easter Island? Canadian Trumpers are not qualified to moderate, Re: Canadian Trumpers are not qualified to moderate. Perhaps it was the discomfort of the heat that added kerosine to the candle of bold statements … According to Shermer in an accompanying article in Skeptic, during the week of the show it was downloaded 120 million times “putting him [Rogan] on par with the biggest talk show hosts on television” and making our podcast one of the most popular in the world (I became involved in the debate at 2:04:45). I cannot speak for Shermer but I think skeptics, myself included, are somewhat befuddled by the acceptance of non-scientific claims by many in the general population. Graham Hancock mirrors President Trump, except he voices his opinions in books and podcasts rather than twitter. AoM Archive. History, as we know it, is on the verge of being rewritten, but status quo guardians and establishment apologists are not going to let that happen without a fight. They all agree they were quarried locally with stone tools by the indigenous population[3]. From the extensive, points Graham attempts to make, one would think that he has at least a masters degree in the sciences; however, he only has a bachelors in sociology. My opinion based on personal research showed me that is was not the actual end of the world but more the end of a period in time and I found that this was somewhat linked to the “procession of the equinoxes” and that human consciousness is expanding. I need to identify some misunderstanding which Hancock has taken full advantage of, and I have been unable to comment about while I waited for the publication of my paper by Skeptic magazine. I think it is unfair that writers take advantage of the fact that the majority of the population is not aware of real facts and they can easily manipulate an audience for financial gain when the true nature of sharing knowledge should be truth at its core. ©2003-2020 Graham Hancock GrahamHancock.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon. As I stated in the podcast, I stand by the claims I made about his book both on the podcast and in the Skeptic paper. Heated Debate Between Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, Michael Shermer & Mark Defant. However my personal perspective when it comes to Ancient Architecture is somewhat skewed because there are many instances around the world where the precision and engineering of erecting these structures seem almost impossible taking into consideration the level of technological advancements and organizational/civilizational structures at that time period. Second, as I discuss in my Skeptic article, he contends that the precession of the earth tells him that we will be struck by another large comet some time before 2040. This site uses cookies to make things easier but you can opt out if you would like to: 10 Pro-Lockdown Myths That Need To Be Debunked Once & For All, Former Facebook Executive’s Claim That “150 Men Rule The World” Should Concern Us All, Before They Assassinated Him This Black Panther United ALL Races Against The Ruling Class, The Esoteric Meaning Behind Neo’s Interrogation Scene in The Matrix, Multiple Experts Citing Peer Reviewed Research Claim Lockdown More Dangerous Than COVID-19, Vegan Bodybuilder Displays ‘Superhuman’ Strength, 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free, How Society Kills Your Creativity In An Award Winning Pixar-Like Short Film. From believing that the forces of gravity are linked to the earth’s orbit around the sun to believing in advanced civilizations that somehow weren’t aware of the crafts of pottery or metalwork’s, Hancock is sharing his misleading interpretation of reality with an audience that isn’t aware of his wrongdoings.

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