latest supernatural korean drama

//latest supernatural korean drama

latest supernatural korean drama

One of the main characters is Kim Tan, a chaebol heir to Jeguk Group, who hasn't had the easiest relationship with his older half-brother Kim Won because he thinks Tan is trying to steal their father's company from him. Your email address will not be published. 6 – MEMORIE’S ALAHAMBRA 알함브라 궁전의 추억 He decides to stay for six months until he has enough money to move out, but starts noticing weird behaviors and strange happenings in the apartment building. Starring: Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won. 2. Hang in there for the journey. Save this one for a rainy day. Woo Seo-ri and Gong Woo-jin fells in love with each other. This is one of the Romance Korean Dramas that’s surely going to melt your heart. As our mermaid falls in love with a conman, can the two overcome the tragic fate of their past lives and finally get their happy ending? So, I’ve updated where to watch these dramas. Starring: Chae Soo-bin, Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Sang-joong, Kim Ji-suk, Lee Ha-nui. My only complaint is the female lead, who seems a bit weak and flat, but for about 15 minutes per episode, it’s worth a watch. There’s even a dragon by the end of the show! I enjoy watching Korean Dramas. Emerson, and Butterbeer. Jung Yu-mi (Live) and Nam Joo-hyuk (The Light in Your Eyes) play an odd duo as a school nurse who can see and fight supernatural beings and a literature teacher who can recharge her “power” to protect their school, respectively. Starring: Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won, Yoon Sng-hyun, Kim Sa-rang. Photo: OCN/Netflix. This is one of my most favorite romance Korean dramas. The Show: I’ll be honest. How many of these have you watched? Given that so much time has passed and they both have led very different lives, however, can the two make up for lost time? If you're not watching Korean dramas, better known as K-dramas, then you're missing out in several ways. Starring:Yeo Jin Goo, IU, Lee Do Hyun, Kang Mi Na. A site dedicated to Korean TV series, Kdramapal publishes up-to-date and relevant content about Korean dramas and seeks to satisfy the most essential demands of a K-drama fan. The Show: Master’s Sun is seriously so good and so romantic that I can’t imagine anyone not swooning by the series end. Ever since I devoured my first paranormal romance novel, I have been devoted to this misunderstood genre whether that be through television, film, or literature. But what happens when he finally finds her, falls in love, and no longer wants to die? These are, of course, just the tip of the iceberg so be sure to share your own recommendations down below. Cha Shi Ah, the friend of Joon-jae is the only hope for  Shim Chung to survive in this entirely new world for her. The series follows Hong-Bin, a CEO with an anger problem. Thanks for reading our content! It follows a young man in his 20s, Yoon Jong Woo, who moves to the countryside to Seoul after his friend offered him a job. But, their professions keep them apart and things don’t go that well. The themes available to paranormal romances intrigue me because the barriers are so huge: immortality versus mortality, redemption, the meaning of humanity, and so much more. There doesn’t seem to be much hope in sight UNTIL she meets Joo Joong Won, a greedy CEO. When she was a teenager she was obsessed with this boy band. The story revolves around a 30-year-old single man, Gong Woo-jin who is a set designer. Watch about time!!!! It stars Taecyeon, whose character can see people’s fates when he touches them. Ji Soo is a divorced mom struggling to make ends meet while Jae Hyun is a successful businessman who is stuck in a love-less relationship with his wife. The show tells the story of Lee Gon (played by one of South Korea's most popular actors: Lee Min-ho), a Korean emperor who rules The Kingdom of Corea (the North and South are still unified in this world) and discovers a portal opening in the bamboo forest that leads him to a parallel universe—the world that we know today. Ryu Dong Ryong is a kind of geek who chases after girls and poor in academics due to which prevents him to go to a college. But, Gong believes that it is better to remain single. Kim Dan (L), an angel who is although optimistic, somehow ends up in trouble. Everyone's favorite weirdo actor is back on the K-drama scene following his last role in the cutesy romantic comedy The Undateables, but in Doctor Prisoner, he's more darksided than delightful. In second grade, Autumn wrote her first story, “The Spinach Monster,” and hasn't stopped writing since.

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