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norwich vs liverpool 15 16

//norwich vs liverpool 15 16

norwich vs liverpool 15 16

Thanks for reading this live blog. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Today’s free hit nearly earned them a point; on another day, with a bit more luck, they might even have snaffled three, having hit the post six minutes before Sadio Mane’s excellent winner. Teams Norwich Liverpool played so far 12 matches. 69 min: Gomez sprays a long pass down the left. 90 min: Mane is booked for throwing the ball away after conceding a throw. The current scoreline is good news for second-placed Manchester City ... and boy do they need some good news right now. A grin and cheeky glint in the eye suggests yes, but he’s careful to trot out the “more games to play” party line, and Henderson interjects with “one step” just to make sure his team-mate doesn’t go off message Fabinho-style. Krul parries sensationally. 82 min: Salah miscontrols 25 yards out. 71 min: Mane releases Salah down the inside left with a sensational diagonal pass. From which ... 80 min: Salah and Alexander-Arnold take turns to busy themselves down the right, but neither player manages to produce anything significant. He’s not going to be able to outpace Van Dijk, so takes a shot from distance. But this Liverpool side are second-to-none at grinding out results when playing below their best. 62 min: Norwich take their sweet time over a throw in the midfield. Exactly three quarters of them have been scored for Liverpool, the rest for his former club Southampton. The ball’s eventually run out of play; goal kick. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson speaks: “We’ve had a good break, and a week’s training as well. It’s really all bout the character of these wonderful football players. We’ve got to be delighted with the result. Robertson cushions a header into the path of Mane, who threatens to burst clear into the box. 52 min: Henderson’s poor pass in midfield allows Pukki to tear off down the left. He’s got options in the box, but prods a very uncertain ball into the area that’s easily intercepted and cleared. Cantwell tries to make off down the left, and is clattered from behind by Keita, who is booked for his trouble. 65 min: Liverpool keep Norwich pinned in their own box. “It’s disappointing, because in many topics we were very, very good. We knew it would be difficult coming here. Tettey lets it run across him. 74 min: Suddenly Norwich have their tails up, and in the next phase of play, a corner’s won down the right. And now Jurgen Klopp, who is in chatterbox mode tonight. 89 min: Buendia slips Pukki into space down the inside right. Salah has the best chance, but his attempt to sidefoot home a Robertson cross into the bottom right is blocked. I haven’t seen it back, but I am pretty sure it was a perfect finish. Norwich in actual season average scored 1.36 goals per match. They celebrate more in relief than anything else. 45 min: Oxlade-Chamberlain and Robertson combine to win a corner on the left. Both sides have had one now. I can’t accuse them too much, the quality of Mane was the difference.”. 45 min +1: The corner should be claimed by Krul at the far post. It’s one of those: a bad miss but a stunning save nonetheless. The only thing I can say is, I am a football coach, and what Man City did when I am in England is exceptional, absolutely exceptional. When it came out, wow. Liverpool look a little agitated, which is of course the point. After a long period under pressure, Norwich have the scent now! He concedes a foul, then kicks the ball away. This is still a free kick in a dangerous position, though, just to the side of the box, 25 yards out. Instead, it’ll be a corner. Liverpool breathe again. I really feel for Pep and the players. He’s replaced by Milner. Then we brought Fabinho and Sadio. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Crosses flying in from both sides. There are still things we have to improve on.”. Incidentally, today’s winner is Mane’s 100th goal in English football. Could the miss cost Liverpool? Sadio Mane came off the bench to break down stubborn Norwich and extend Liverpool’s lead at the top to 25 points, Sat 15 Feb 2020 20.02 GMT Norwich won 0 direct matches.Liverpool won 10 matches.2 matches ended in a draw.On average in direct matches both teams scored a 4.25 goals per Match. But Liverpool are yet to parlay their dominance into serious work for Krul. We feel really good.”, He’s then asked about the Manchester City situation. 41 min: Henderson rolls a pass down the right channel for Firmino, who turns Hanley with ease. 70 min: Hanley slips over with the ball at his feet, just outside the Norwich box. We were two against one on the goalkeeper. We were playing the best in the world, and we’re a bit sad that we were unable to score with one of our counter-attacks. Passes not quite sticking. Norwich get away with one. Salah pulls the ball across the face of goal, but nobody else in red is switched on, allowing Zimmerman to clear. We were much more compact. 44 min: Lewis nearly lets Firmino in with a poor clearing header, but just as it looks like the Brazilian will burst clear into the box, the Norwich sub fights back and clears up his own mess. Then Henderson chips one into the box from the right but Aarons wins an aerial battle with Firmino and clears the danger. I have no clue how it has happened. There’s just enough time for Liverpool to earn their third corner of the match, and waste it. But the keeper thinks Zimmerman will deal, and vice versa. Robertson rolls the ball through the six-yard box, but Firmino can’t get anywhere near it at the front stick. It’s heading into the bottom left, but is snaffled with care by a perfectly positioned Alisson. One corner leads to another, and ... 72 min: Cantwell tears down the left. Nighty night. We are focused. The ball trundles harmlessly out for a goal kick. When we create chances we have to be effective. Norwich will be very happy with their performance, though they should be leading. The good thing is, if you don’t play well in the first half, it’s easier to improve! We were pretty close to coming away with a good result. Sky flash up a stat that illustrates the African Player of the Year’s versatility and talent: 59 with the right foot, 27 with his left, and 14 headers. One last chance for Liverpool to take a lead into half-time, perhaps? But the visitors look a little nervous again in the wake of Firmino’s miss. Hanley breathes a sigh of relief. 90 min +2: Firmino tussles with Lewis down the right. An entertaining tussle. I’m 98 percent sure [Norwich’s first-half chance] was offside. He’s eventually stopped by Henderson, tracking back, but for a second Liverpool were exposed there. Mane brings it down, spins, and slams a wonderful shot into the bottom left. 66 min: Robertson whistles another cross in from the left flank. In 1 (33.33%) matches played at home was total goals (team and opponent) Over 1.5 goals. There will be three additional minutes. Rupp’s indecision and Alisson’s brilliance combining to keep the scores level. 86 min: A huge miss by Firmino! 60 min: Klopp has seen enough. The leaders have come out looking a little sharper, Jurgen Klopp presumably having made some trenchant observations during the break. 39 min: Alexander-Arnold prepares to take the corner, but is held up awhile as the referee comes across to check he’s placed the ball in the quadrant. 90 min +1: Space for Aarons down the right. Again! Salah’s shot, an attempted curler towards the top left, is deflected out for a corner. Alexander-Arnold whips a cross in from the right, teeing up the Brazilian for a tap-in. “It was a shock. And then, all of a sudden ... 75 min: ... it’s an easy take for Alisson. 67 min: Liverpool’s corner is no good, though Van Dijk fumes as he’s tugged over by a combination of Pukki and Rupp. The away fans making plenty of noise now, nevertheless. Our opponent. But the referee isn’t minded to flash a yellow for that one. He rolls the ball across the face of the box. 56 min: Space for Keita down the right. 64 min: Robertson crosses from the left. He had options there. [Our lead] is so insane, I really don’t understand it, I am not smart enough. Robertson, Keita and Salah take turns to drive at the Norwich back line. But the ball’s travelling at speed and he shanks it wide and high. No matter: McLean blooters the loose ball behind for a corner. Plus of course a hat-trick in two minutes and 56 seconds, a Premier League record, albeit one broken against a team managed by Tim Sherwood.

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