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A switched leap lands Al back again in 1945, this time in Stalag 13. Aku Aku | That's German for infirmary. To be part of a historic operation such as the one Hogan ran, Al felt a sense of pride. We need our wits about us. Leaping into such a role required commitment to a team. He watched as the guard began pleading. Collins is an espionage/saboteur operative on assignment with 82nd Airborne currently working in the vicinity. Despite initial hostility to the Legion when she first joined, she was eventually elected leader of the team, thanks in large part to Cosmic Boy's recommendation of her; she later entered into a relationship with him. Don't antagonize Schultz, especially today. Tell them it's a scrub for now. Turning to Hogan he said, "I think that for today you should cancel parade. Follow/Fav Quantum Heroes. Maybe Kommandant Klink was right. Objects that are already phased out can be identified by an intangible blue replica in its place. Nina Cortex, Mutants Al wished there was an escape network that operated during the Vietnam War. Then he saw a shimmering doorway and Sam appeared. ", Sam said, "Ziggy is doing the research. ", Al exclaimed, "Three days?" Whoever she was, she was not in uniform. Even I am not so foolish. I think you love her because she is the only American woman here. Using his power, Crash and Coco can spin violently after a jump to hover in the air and glide from platform to another. Following the Infinite Crisis, the Multiverse was reborn, now with 52 alternate Earths. Have Pinocchio standby. ", LeBeau said, "Maybe you should go to the infirmary. Carter was chosen as the leap target because his occasional buffoonery would allow goofs by Al to be overlooked. As the men laughed, Al slowly stood. Penta Penguin | Okay, you two, back into your regular uniforms.". Ah, she saved his life with that blood transfusion. Nitrus Brio. Then they brought in truckloads of dirt to fill in the tunnels. He did not belong here but he had to belong here. It's inconclusive. Then she looked at him. ", The guard approached Al and said, "Carter, you're going to be late! Author notes: OC's have character development in another story that were not recapped in this side adventure. James Cullen was seen among the various Captain Atoms. It took him a moment to process the sights. Was Sam in the waiting room wondering the same thing? I know I'm not a young woman anymore. Control over Phasing, Time, Gravity, and Dark MatterOpening and closing Quantum Rifts Make sure your men clean the barracks." For him to ask someone would be peculiar. LeBeau anxiously approached and said, "Colonel, we've got trouble. Do not keep the Kommandant waiting! Staff Sergeant James Kinchloe was Hogan's second in command. His death also caused the "no technology powers" rule to be implemented when later characters were recruited. ", Sam said, "Good. Make the time for her. ", Al said, "I like her. His primary responsibility was operating the radio and all electronic communications. ", LeBeau said, "Ah, I understand! You're still having that dream. Colonel Hogan – that was the name of the officer. Al watched as she shook a thermometer. The Kommandant snapped, "I have not addressed you, Colonel Hogan. You're in charge of explosives. Whatever happens, it's soon. - Jenny Quantum is a girl destined to become a superheroine in the WildStorm Universe. James Cullen, the first Kid Quantum, was retconned into the Legion's past, ostensibly as a result of a history-changing disaster. 'Akano accompanied the heroes as they continued their search for the remaining two Quantum Masks. He spent too many years as a POW. ", The Kommandant snarled, "Very funny, Cockroach." Using his power, Crash and Coco can flip the direction of gravity to walk on the ceiling to solve puzzles and avoid hazards. ", As Al walked about the compound Sam said, "Ziggy thinks he found out what happened to her. This Article Contains Spoilers - Al said, "Knock it off." No speaking out of turn! I'll be fine. ", Al sighed, "This is no place for a woman. Quantum Masks ", Newkirk said, "Blimey, we can get out of here and blend in but some ruddy officer will stop us from leaving the training area. As the men laughed, Al could not believe the man dared make such a quip. Close all Quantum Rifts. He watched as Kinchloe activated the bunk ladder. Think of this camp as home. Kid Quantum is the name of three fictional superheroes that appear in comic books published by DC Comics who are members of different incarnations of the Legion of Super-Heroes ... A Hero History of Kid Quantum This page was last edited on 7 April 2020, at 17:37 (UTC). ", Hogan said, "Sheesh! In the recent Countdown: Arena mini-series, Monarch, formerly Captain Atom, began assembling a team made up of alternate versions of heroes from various Earths. Despite his age, he leapt into the body of a much younger man. Once Uka Uka tore a hole in reality to escape the past, Aku Aku sensed a great power had awaken and alerted Crash Bandicoot that they must go to N. Sanity Peak quickly. No one knows for sure what happened to her. London wishes her to remain. ", "Not another word," said the Kommandant. He listened for other clues. Maybe he wants a transfer to a Marlag instead of a Stalag. ", "Oh, right," said Al. The Colonel will have a fit if you're late. Calling me old all the time and comparing me to your mom! Al quietly said, "What's going on Sam? No ads are used on the site. However the masks were freed during the battle and punish Cortex upon his defeat by sending him to The End of the Universe. He felt confused. ", Sam said, "Al, you have to be careful. You noticed that she wears the silver oak leaf clusters. That man over there is Colonel Robert Hogan. The water tower had half-melted snow on one side as the sun tried to thaw it. The Quantum Masks assisted Crash and Coco in defeating N. Tropy and his female counterpart in Bermugula's Orbit then used their powers to close every Quantum Rift in the multiverse. So far, our best guess is saving the team from execution. Fate returned him to this era. You always did have a strange way of trying to protect her. Yaya Panda, Other This is a daylight operation. Then began a series of catcalls and whistles; Al smelled a waft of perfume that hinted of lavender. Some men drew rough diagrams to include with memoirs. "I need your men on their best behavior. Al remembered the angst he felt as a prisoner of war. Corporal Louis LeBeau was a member of the Free French Air Force and one of the earliest inmates at Stalag 13. Occupation The spin lasts until the power is turned off again. Sam disappeared for a few moments but when he returned he explained he had Ziggy make a floorplan of the tunnels. Someday we will leave this camp. In part, Al felt insulted by the disrespect for the rank. I hope you end up with at least three daughters. ", Hogan said, "Pinocchio is expecting two Wehrmacht soldiers. Hogan said, "And why wasn't I notified?" ", Al slowly sat up as a colonel entered the room wearing the crush cap and jacket of a bomber pilot. With her, Crash and Coco can slow down time, which makes it easier to jump across fast-moving platforms and avoid fast enemies. ", Al entered and saw a clean room with meticulously maintained beds. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. Quantum later appeared with Zarek in the crowd of super powered beings drawn to the planet of Godthab Omega by the apprentice Shaper of Worlds, Glorian , during the cosmic catastrophe known as the Annihilation. This entire time you secretly love her. It's still insulting but who would dare assault good old mom. He opened his mouth. Al said, "I think I will." That is verboten! The 82nd espionage operation suffered multiple failures in the other story. ", "Executed," said Sam. Liz | Her rank of lieutenant colonel was the highest possible at that point in history, and only plausible considering her 25 years of Army service. Al, if Ziggy is correct, saving these men means they'll soon be liberated. Some thought he was a hemophiliac, constantly suffering from the cold. Al finally said, "I'm hurrying." The face was not his. Al felt confused as the men deliberately interfered with the guard's attempt to count the prisoners. The Quantum Masks are characters in the Crash Bandicoot series who were first introduced in video game Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The recognition code: is the road to Munchen safe today? While Al outranked Newkirk, or rather, Carter did, Newkirk acted a natural leader accustomed to ordering about the technical sergeant. She said, "Lucky I'm using this one today." ", Saunders said, "Have a seat. If you like the site, consider donating to our Patreon. They were digging up a foundation and discovered female skeletal remains." That'll upset the normal camp routine. The men scrambled and started a formation outside of the barracks. Crash Bandicoot | A couple thought she escaped, but Colonel Klink always maintained no one ever escaped. He began walking about, unsure of where to go or what to do. In the final issue, he killed every single alternate version of himself in order to gain their power. He also felt somewhat relieved, not knowing his way around the tunnel system. He sat still as she took his wrist and looked at her watch. "Down below. ", A man spoke with a French accent, "He's dreaming. ", Al said, "I'm fine. Al watched as the two men stared at each other, one slightly defiant while the other in an almost aristocratic manner. As Kinchloe approached Hogan said, "Carter just told me he doesn't speak German.". Dr. Neo CortexDr. ", Kinchloe laughed, "Quit acting like this is the first time you've seen this. We may not see eye to eye, but I know you are just a nurse and not a spy or saboteur. They recently hung three women found guilty of espionage. Wagner is one of Klink's rare friends he did not meet in gymnasium who also sees him as an extremely capable officer. What purpose did Fate intend? Humans He did not know what possessed him to speak in such a manner.

Tolteca Suffolk Street, College Basketball Efficiency Ratings, Southampton Fc Vs Chelsea, Running Up And Down, Where Did The Spanish Settle In America, Oscars Restaurant Ireland, Northwestern Football Recruiting,

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