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something about you lyrics sophie meiers

//something about you lyrics sophie meiers

something about you lyrics sophie meiers

Sophie Meiers - Wish You Still Felt This Way Lyrics. The track seethes with the spirit of old-fashioned R&B while honoring a tone of innovation that sets John The Martyr apart from other soul-inspired groups. willow tree. Collective. I sit on your porch. Johanna lets us know from the get-go exactly what she's about. You know the kind of old-timey, vibey music that normally plays behind the "falling in love" montage in indie romantic dramas like 500 Days of Summer or Blue Valentine? in all kinds of ways And I wanna show you. i know it's cliche Nothing spells resolve like a key change, and, by the end of the song, Davis is done, even if it means disconnecting entirely. Sophie is racking up millions of plays online with genre-spanning songs and her collaborative spirit is clear from one look at her SoundCloud page. In a similar fashion to bands like Real Estate, somehow within a guitar lick lies the imagery of trees-lined streets and a cruise at golden hour. crystal garden. What if those notions were challenged enough to change the way we perceive age and just how old someone can be to rock and roll? [Intro] G Amaj7 G Amaj7 G Amaj7 G Amaj7 [Verse 1] … Waiting for you to come down. While catchy, this song doesn't shy away from poignant lyrics, “Everybody hurts / everybody cries / the American experience / is never asking why.” the chorus says. "Emily" is the kind of song you wish were written about you and as Alexander wears his heart of his sleeve, it's easier to be swept up in the love he sings of. 5 Minutes of Dope Episode 3 with KDZY (@KD_Lifestyle) | @IAmDJCotton @66RAW, Godforbid (@GodforbidTHD) - "How To Make Your Art Matter" (LP), 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Death Row Records, Picasso Black aka Sex God Picasso (@SexGodPicasso3D) - "Serve 'Em Slow" | Prod by @Cstarr4u, Sevastian (@_Seva_J) F/ Paul Wall (@paulwallbaby) - "4 Vogues", American Poets 2099 (@mocpaid2rhyme) - "Murderous Poetry Part 3" (Album), iann dior (@ianndior) F/ Gunna (@1GunnaGunna) - "Strings". "Emily" is a delicate love song that invokes memories of older folk sounds and simpler times. Now picture that song enveloped in warm, saturated, lo-fi production and the vocals of Erykah Badu and Nai Palm's lovechild, and you have singer-songwriter/producer, Sophie Meiers' latest track, "Something About You.". Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. don't be scared. Way back when we had our paradise. there's tears in my eyes Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Amanda Bantug's dream pop tunes are honest and transparent yet light and euphoric and fans of the Now, Now and The Japanese House are sure to appreciate her sound. Making silhouettes of us. The minimal picking of an acoustic guitar is joined by an array of ethereal hums, just as simple relationships are muddled by the complications of everyday life. Singer/songwriter Alexander Wren is back again with his first single off his sophomore EP "Assorted Love Songs." 2018-07-18T16:40:33Z Buy something about you [ sophie meiers ] Users who like something about you [ sophie meiers ] Users who reposted something about you [ sophie meiers ] thank you, incredibly soothing song. © 2009-2020 The Wild Honey Pie, LLC. The final moments of this indie tune are intriguing as it builds and fades away while repeating the chorus creating almost a sunset effect. all my favorite things An anthem for the modern era in a long line of eras more divisive than the last, “Choosing Sides” has Davis questioning the meaning of the “pointless dance” we perform when we are too afraid to say what we mean or be who we are. It’s a story we’re hearing more and more—if you have the drive, the passion, and an internet connection, you can connect with fellow creatives and build a fan base, even though you may feel stuck in the middle of nowhere. i feel alive I knock on your door. Opening with a line like, "Was I suppose to say 'It was nice to see you today,' cause it was hell for me." Please download one of our supported browsers. This song is a serene look into a rare moment of clarity as it finally dawns on him that fighting the same fight to the same end does not make it a worthy cause. We'll definitely be looking forward to what's to come with this charmer. Because there's something about you Baby so right I couldn't be without you Baby tonight I know there's something about you Baby And I couldn't live without you Tonight “One thing about me as an artist is that I am so obsessed with music as a listener that I am always inspired to try new things and constantly experiment with my ‘sound.’ Through collaborating with so many other people I am always pushed out of my comfort zone, resulting in hybrid genres and sounds that I am really unsure of how to categorize.”. The dream child of Austin, Texas born brothers Blair and Reed Van Nort, The Rassle is a buzzworthy New York based indie-rock project. Woozy guitar strums play over a warm bass line as she sings, “I know it’s a little late / but I think I left too soon ‘cause I was afraid / of loving you.” The song floats along with the weight of that heartache and melancholic tones that recall bands like Mazzy Star. With a track like this, Joel just might be able to cajole you to follow his lead and enjoy life outside of your four walls and ac unit. Something About You Lyrics. hello there. are confessional and unearthing thoughts that Johanna executes with dignified grace. About Colorado's Sophie Meiers has teamed up with producer Clayjay on the new track "Something About You" which is streaming everywhere now. An air of delicate, heartfelt nostalgia consistently permeates her genre-bending work. Something to bring me back home. Can't live without. Legal Be sure to check out her latest EP to hear more from this up-and-comer! Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. and i wanna show you Buy something about you [ sophie meiers ], Users who like something about you [ sophie meiers ], Users who reposted something about you [ sophie meiers ], Playlists containing something about you [ sophie meiers ], More tracks like something about you [ sophie meiers ]. [ there's something about you waiting for you to come down Contact - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, I was obsessed with this song last year, and now I am again HAHA, Uhhhh this make me wanna rub myself soo fvckin hard rn uhhhhh squirt on me, anytime I listen to a recent release from you, I swear it directly relates to my current situation. A special dimension of depth and heart is added to the song as the music goes back and forth between the quietness of Alexander's velvety voice coupled with his finger-picked acoustic guitar and the more layered instrumentation like piano and strings. 2018-07-24T00:37:04Z Comment by v. love this. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, thank you to for his wonderful production on this track but it's true This hodgepodge of R&B, funk revivalist proves that, even though times are changing, good music is good music. [ there's something about you In their follow-up debut, “Cross The Line” the bands three instrumentalists, Kyle Ridley, Dustin DiSalvo, and Chris Hines — all in their mid-20s — paint us a refreshing blues-rock landscape colored with warm, staccato vintage keys, bouncy drum fills, blistering horns, and buttery synthesizers. you left the door open. I'm outside your house. I don't know what the problem is Gettin in my face, actin like it's your business I can't get with it anymore Took too many shots, now i'm l The 18-year-old, who also goes by the producer alias, "GUTTERGIRL", is unafraid to speak openly about her feelings. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We’ve all heard the tired cliché, “Age is just a number.” Still many of us find it difficult to overlook notions of age when it comes to seeking out new music. Somehow while splitting their days between both NYC and LA, The Lulls have found the time to share their new single “Goodnight America.” The track’s intro opens with shimmering guitars paired with a cruising beat that takes listeners to a place that feels like a sunny, California afternoon. and i wanna show you ouuououuuuuuuuuu ] i knock on your door Sometimes we just have to “Cross The Line” between old and new to find something with character, something like John The Martyr. All of which is stroked with the heart-quaking vocal hues of 70-year-old Harlem soul singer, Bill Hudson. Now that the NYC heat wave has passed, the title of this song doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Need help? Although infused with shimmer and sun, Joel tells how "Let's Go Outside" really came from the darkness of the depression he dealt with when moving from Ireland to London. i wish you were with me can't live without You are a gift to this world and me and your brothers , friends, family , music industry . She recently spoke to Pigeons & Planes about her approach to recording: i hold on to all the things that make me think of you i kept all your letters and sometimes, late at night i read them through i follow th The vocals are subdued and contrast well with the bright instrumentals throughout the song. You may not know Benjamin Lazar Davis yet, but you love his friends. all my favorite things and when something happens something to bring me back home With a tight knit production quality the vaguely industrial guitar riffs match up perfectly, somehow, with the warm country twang of the vocals to create this track. If you're still crafting your indie summer playlist "“Goodnight America” will make the perfect addition. With a voice that sounds more timeless than trendy, Johanna Samuels sings of the difference between what you feel and what you say. Abby Clark of the lo-fi indie trio, Sister Kit, speaks directly to a lost lover on the group’s first single, “No Fun,” taking you with her through her realizations that she missed an opportunity at love because of her own fear. Be sure to look out for her debut solo EP coming out later this year! this is lovely!! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Mellow and subtle in nature, the instrumentation of this song work as a frame to showcase Johanna's voice, but not without experimental and alluring moments of its own. [Verse 1] I miss the touch of morning sun. All rights reserved. It's universal and also deeply personal, finding hope for life to look better than what you currently see. ouuououuuuuuuuuu ] "Supposed to Say" is Johanna's first single off of her EP "Have A Good One" set to release this summer. Sure, a 70 year old man belting with the power and personality of a 25-year-old is more than enough to make them stand out, but they take it a step further. i wish you were with me While catchy, this song doesn't shy away from poignant lyrics, “Everybody hurts / everybody cries / the American experience / is never asking why.” the chorus says. i sit on your porch i'm wantin to say We're staying up … Colorado’s Sophie Meiers has teamed up with producer Clayjay on the new track “Something About You” which is streaming everywhere now. I am so proud of you daughter- mama. Free printable and easy chords for song by Sophie Meiers - Something About You. UK indie-rockers, Far Caspian's latest single "Let's Go Outside" takes you somewhere before you even hear a single word. Alexander sings of the person he would be if he was with his love, Emily. With a concept that feels so fresh yet universal, Bantug has left us very impressed. Clark’s powerful croons crescendo as the song nears its end, washing over the mix with a final, thoughtful reminder to the lover she left that living with the regret, “hasn’t been fun.”. "Something About You" captures the ways in which she manages to remain unapologetically herself through her inventive use of background harmonies paired with layers of watery, atmospheric tones and bouncy, Nintendo-inspired synths.

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