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Great performances by all involved. His name was Twentyman, but we called him Percy; he died of TB in his twenties. Much of the "clever" tidbits, such as butcher speak, that alone would give the film a good platform, cause confusion and make the film seem stagnant. "In those days there was no such thing as a tractor. In 1818 he went to the Cape with his elder brother Lawrence Holme Twentyman (a silversmith and watchmaker), after they inherited money from a great uncle. This Aussie crime caper starts promisingly. So many Aussie films these days pander to the American market by reducing the Australian identity. All the while Twentyman was out on the golf course, playing at Pahīatua, Waikanae and then Feilding. Some of the sequences in this movie remind me of scenes in 'The Asphalt Jungle', 'The Killing', 'La Jetee', the Peter Sellers comedy 'Two-Way Stretch' and even 'Eating Raoul' ... but 'The Hard Word' is definitely a one-off original, and it's very good. God knows why. Friends and family turned out to celebrate the 100th birthday of Phil Twentyman, centre. Sam Genocchio's 2004 micro budget crime calamity GET RICH QUICK also attempted the same Aussie genre with genuinely disgusting and hilarious results. Twentyman spent a good chunk of his life farming at Hukanui, between Pahīatua and Eketāhuna. Aussie flick is hard to define...but at least it 's unpredictable... An excellent antidote to Hollywood's silliness! | Also owes something to the direction of Guy Ritchie as several times I felt like I was watching an Australian version of Lock Stock. Straight out of the pages of a Robert G Barrett or Gary Disher novel, The Hard Word has plenty of p(l)ot holes, making for an occasionally bumpy ride. Instead I got a dragging anticlimactic, film that missed it's opportunities to wow audiences and secure itself in many action libraries. The Hard Word has a little bit of everything going at once - heist film, love story, comedy, and drama. Share some things about the Twentyman name. one of three brothers who owned Twentyman Bros Ltd, builders, sawmillers and funeral directors. With an excellent cast including Guy Pearce and Rachel Griffiths, it also features a hugely silly putty nose stuck on Pearce's face. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a light, attention catching and thrilling entertainment on Friday night. Didn't particularly want to see it, but figured it was worth a chance. Since he tried to have them murdered previously, what kind of schmuck would be so out of it to approach the would-be victims? Poor script.. He lives on his own, walks every day and it was only until recently, when he lost his driver's licence, that he stopped playing golf. Geni requires JavaScript! Some SPOILER comments intertwined: From the incomprehensible opening having to do with three cons being sprung (by prison officials?) Great acting, surprising twists in a witty plot, pleasant, realistic characters. But it has its share of amusing moments, and some appropriately edgy performances; Pearce and Griffiths have real chemistry on screen. | 'The Hard Word' is an excellent, well-paced Australian movie, straddling the genres of the American noir caper film and the British thick-ear crime drama. Not like the characters we are served in American movies who drive around in flash vehicles, live in mansions and take great delight in getting involved in car chases with police. Rachel! It was all horses.". From left are his children Roger, Paul, Pamela Green, Keith, Caroline and Neil. First 'murder hornet' nest discovered in the US, Cell phone use and speed potential factors in fatal crash near Lake Tekapo, Recap: Penrith Panthers v Melbourne Storm - NRL grand final, Trailer carrying glass panels detached from van before colliding with car, Father-of-two killed while taking boat for run before long-weekend trip, Borat's daughter sneaks into Trump conference and meets Donald Trump Jr. in unreleased footage. Not recommendable. Twentyman, still mobile and active, said when you're looked after by others your whole life, there's no reason you couldn't make it to 100. But it does the job as a gritty Australian crime story. His birthday was 27th October. • However it seems to take its cues more from the kind of slower paced, character-based crime movies that were popular from the 70's. | My only reason for watching this is because I caught the tail end of it on cable and saw the ending before I saw the re-run of the film starring GUY PEARCE, an actor whom I liked in L.A. Percy Sydney Twentyman Jones A step backward for Pearce and Griffiths. There are already 273 genealogy profiles with the Twentyman surname on Geni. Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge October 25 2020, Mum distraught after bloody clothes worn by son when he was killed stolen from car, US town that voted for Donald Trump vows not to make same mistake again. He married John Waters would have been thrilled. Phil Twentyman didn't want to make a fuss of his 100th birthday, so a swag of friends and family did that for him. Twentyman was a long-time Tararua farmer, who played rep rugby in the 1940s for Bush, before the union amalgamated with Wairarapa. Twentyman & Co. 3 Tank Square 3 Hare Street: Calcutta 1818-1829: William Henry Twentyman & George Havell Homser; Warner Brothers: Delhi c.1920s. What a great aussie film! Pearce heads a trio of bank robbing brothers stuck in jail, waiting to be released by their employers – high profile members of the police force and their lawyer. I had five brothers. It pays to see this tough and refreshing Aussie crime flick! (C). Best of all, it stays away from cliches. "The Hard Word" is a gritty, sexy, Australian take on the double-crossing heist movie. Unfortunately it doesn't. "It was a bit touchy and people looking at me as though I was a criminal.". I loved The Hard Word and was wrapped in the totality of the experience that showed none of the shortcomings as related by others who commented on this film. But the scene where on the first day of being back in the joint, one of the brother gang members invades the private space of a prison shrink......and then begins an (ultimate) successful the "comic" third brother, who falls deeply in love with a woman casually chosen on the street for a carjacking, this movie virtually always makes the wrong, non-logical, non-real and non-believable way of telling a story. Joining Pearce in a quality Australian cast are Golden Globe winner Rachel Griffiths, Joel Edgerton (The Secret Life of Us), Damien Richardson, Vince Colosimo and Kym Gyngell. Some good little lines and scenes in the script. He leaves three sons, Arthur J. Twentyman, George C. Twentyman, and Joseph F. Twentyman, all of Cortland. His full name was William Nichol Wilson. In a time that has seen so many crime movies and romances, a movie must present something original to be memorable. External Reviews He had 5 brothers: Daniel Twentyman, John Twentyman and 3 other siblings. They had 9 children: Sarah Barnes, Thomas Twentyman and 7 other children. In his early days he went to Eketāhuna District High School, catching the train from Hukanui, before going farming at 16. Australian larrikins better than Tarantino, Entertainingly different, Guy Pearce shines. I am glad that there were sub-titles available for this Australian heist & chase film, as the accents nearly made it hard to understand the dialog. Bush toured the South Island and they had the big game against southern neighbours Wairarapa. Also in the cast are two of Australia's best character actors... the gorgeous Rhondda Findleton (see her also in LOVE IN LIMBO) and the adorable hilarious Torquil Neilson (from the equally maligned farce LET'S GET SKASE). I really feel that Guy Pearce has been a breath of fresh in the movie industry, whether it be in his home country, or overseas. While everything about this movie is solid, it is underdone, unoriginal, and pretty much forgettable. Oh yes, for those of you who pick up a movie's press kit and are told that a movie is an "action/ comedy", the using of the word "comedy" isn't supposed to do the job of making you smile or laugh. Twentymans is the oldest surviving funeral home in New Zealand, of which owner and Managing Director Adrian Catran is extremely proud. Twentymans Funeral Services was established by William Twentyman in 1867 during the hectic gold rush days on the Coromandel, trading as W. Twentyman … George (Twin) Twentyman, born 1869 George (Twin) Twentyman 1869. The real beauty of this film is that it' obviously Australian. These guys live in the shade, avoiding confrontation and identification where able. Died 8/3/1954 Cape Town Awards Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. George had 2 brothers: John William Twentyman and one other sibling. There are some scenes that are Tarantino-like, but I don't think that there is meant to be any real comparison. George (Twin) Twentyman was born in month 1869, at birth place, to John Twentyman and Maria Twentyman (born Strong). He played the careful and leading Dale. Great performances from all the main actors. South African female Progenitors /Stammoeders, TAG for Leanne for Australian Pioneers (Free Settlers). what a thing to agree to be photographed doing with that smile on your face! While it may not have had the most original script, it certainly shines when compared to other, much more lackluster, heist films. This film has it all. Surname information is crowd-sourced; the Geni community would be grateful if you helped update this page with information about the Twentyman surname. William Holme Twentyman was born in Liverpool, the son of John Middleton Twentyman (a cooper and trader) and Phoebe Holme. Percy, who was born in 1893. I really liked what Pearce did in this role. It started as, what seemed to be, a fresh new heist flick. If you loved The Hard Word, then this is certainly the movie for you. After the war Bush played against the Kiwis, the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force team, in Masterton. He was there when the Japanese attacked. So far so 'Lock-Stock', but the film fails to live up to these early expectations. In my time, I have seen many films that have shown the bad side of people's lives, with The Hard Word being no exception. Yes, the Aussies can also make rotten movies. Twentyman of Spokane, Fred Twentyman of Rochester, Minn., Daniel Twentyman of Truxton, and Thomas and James Twentyman of Cortland. This film is hard to connect with. Estate 6/9/22257 F1331 But his two brothers joined up. He and his late wife Dorris​, who were married for 65 years, have six children, 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. One needs humorous scenes or funny moments to meet that description. Martha Bartholda Vos at Wynberg in 1902. I was kinda disappointed in this movie,I though that Guy Pearce,that usually does good in movies(Memento,Count of Monte Cristo,Time Machine)would be able to save this one.but sadly it was to far gone even for him.seems like it was poorly edited or just quickly slapped together. Besides his sister, Mrs. Walling, he leaves five brothers, E.C. Good humour - our (pretty full) audience was loving it. It's no more than an average crime caper movie but watchable enough to pass the time. "The Hard Word" does not distinguish itself in any way and is probably destined to die a slow death on late night Aussie tv. The old criminal traps of sex and greed rear their head however, producing a cataclysmic reaction. It could be (and was) marketed as a thriller about lowlife criminals, double crosses and crime not paying - in other words an obvious Australian-style Tarantino rip-off like the boring and derivative "Two Hands". Like DIRTY DEEDS the same year, it was harshly judged and slid at the box office, but on a big screen it was quite enjoyable in its deliberately mean way. It's sort of like an Australian version of the film "Confidence," only with better acting and more interesting characters.

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